Have Pets? Remove Mold from Your Basement, Now 6

Is Basement Mold Silently Killing Your Pets?


Removing Mold from Your Basement is Key To Protecting Your Dogs’ and Cats’ Health

Millions of Americans are proud pet owners. Dogs and cats are treated like family…they’re given the best food, special beds, vitamins, minerals, supplements, special outfits (unfortunately!), and lots of love.


Dog Sick from MoldBut, there’s an invisible killer of dogs, cats, and other small pets: basement mold.

Unfortunately, even the most dedicated pet owners can miss this health killer. It’s often invisible (when in the air) or hidden (mold and mildew like to grow in dark, damp places like under stair cases, behind paneling, in ceilings, near plumbing, etc).


But, mold is absolutely deadly to dogs and cats (and other small animals)


And, worse yet, many home owners know they have mold but are hesitant to have it removed from their basements. Many don’t realize just how deadly it can be for their little friends (Think you have mold and want it taken care of ASAP? Call us at 800-700-9171 for a Fast, Free Inspection)


  • Black Mold (known as stachybotrys chartarum)is able to enter your dog or cat’s lungs and put a tremendous amount of strain on the capillaries (blood vessels).
  • If you miss the signs of this, the blood vessels can break, causing internal bleeding in the lungs. This can lead to death
  • Black Mold is also dangerous to children and older adults (who’s immune systems aren’t strong enough to fight off the intruders).
  • Other types of mold can lead to respiratory problems and allergies, especially skin allergies in dogs.

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How Can You Protect Your Pets from Mold?

  • Dogs of Basement Waterproofing Specialists

    The Dogs of Basement Waterproofing Specialists, Clyde and Clarissa

    Get your home and basement tested for mold.

  • Simply checking for mold yourself is not enough…it can often be located on the inside of walls, behind cabinets, around plumbing pipes, etc. A professional test is required
  • Remove mold from your basement immediately if even a trace amount is found…it will quickly spread
  • Though it may be tempting to simply spray some bleach or a “mold cleaner” on any visible mold, the truth is that is like putting a band-aid on a crack in a mega-dam.
  • Mold needs to be killed (by remediation) and the source of the dampness or water must be addressed and fixed (mold feeds on dampness and water and uses it to reproduce).
  • Have the professional test the basement, crawl space, attic, bathroom, kitchen…any room where water is or where pipes are located.
  • You may need to have waterproofing performed to ensure that mold and mildew will not return. Black Mold, especially, can be invasive and spread quickly.


The bottom line is, you need help getting rid of the mold in your basement.

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