Foundation Repair Methods

Is the Foundation of Your PA, NJ, or DE Area Home Beginning to Crack? Are All Foundation Repair Services the Same?   When your home’s foundation, basement, or crawl space walls begin to crack, your home is in a very dangerous position. Cracks allow water to get into your cellar and foundation walls. This weakens […]

Basement Waterproofing Specialists’ Family Values

We Were Recently Featured in the Montgomery News in an Article Entitled, “Basement Waterproofing Specialists Finds Success With Old Family Values.”   We were thrilled to be recognized for doing what we do best, serving you! We often tell our customers, “we treat your home like it is our own.” While some might write that […]

Summer Home Foundation Cracks

Summer in NJ, DE, and PA Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home’s Foundation   Summer rains + heat & humidity = massive ground expansion and contraction. What does that mean for your home? The more rain that saturates the ground, the more the soil around your home swells and expands. That expansion puts a tremendous […]

3 Causes of Basement Floods

Is the Basement of Your NJ, PA, or Delaware Area Home Flooding After Every Rain? Water Will Always Find The Easiest Path Into Your Home and Destroy Your Basement or Crawl Space   This is the time of year when the rain and storms hit the Philadelphia, NJ and DE areas pretty hard. The last […]

Top Rated Basement Waterproofer

Who is the Top Rated Basement Waterproofer in PA, NJ, and DE?   Having problems with your home’s foundation? Flooding in your basement or crawl space? Mold and mildew taking over your cellar?   These are all serious problems that should be taken care of as soon as possible, otherwise they can do major damage […]

4 Fast Home Hacks for Pet Lovers (VIDEO)

Love Your Pets? Of course you do. We love ours… in fact, our employees routinely bring their dogs, cats, rabbits, and other assorted, beloved pets to work.   If you want to learn some fast ways to improve your home for your pets… Check out this video from Basement Waterproofing Specialists and HomeAdvisor: If you […]

Is It Normal for Your Crawl Space to Flood When It Rains?

Does Your Crawl Space Flood When It Rains?   In the New Jersey, Philadelphia (and Eastern Pennsylvania) and Delaware areas if your home has a crawl space, chances are, it has flooded during a rain storm…or when it snows and then melts. It could even have filled with water from too much watering your lawn. […]

Video: Why Replace Your Basement Windows

Are Your Basement Windows Getting Old – Do They Let Water, Air, and Mold Get Inside Your Home? If so, check out this video from Basement Wateproofing Specialists.   You’ll learn the 4 huge benefits of replacing your basement windows… By the way, we offer 100% Free Estimates on all basement improvements, including waterproofing and […]

Interior and Exterior Water Management Systems

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Mold Removal Glassboro NJ

Mold Removal Glassboro NJ: Have Mold In Your Home? We Can Remove It, Fast   The Problem with Most Mold Removal Services Most of the time, companies who claim to do mold removal are really just coming in with over-priced cleaning solutions, spraying liquid on organic materials like wood and drywall, wiping the mold up, […]