Best Pick Reports Award for Basement Waterproofing

We’re Proud to Announce That We’ve Won the Best Pick Reports Award for 2017 Thank you to all of our customers who voted for us, left reviews, and have continued to choose our family business to help solve their basement, crawl space, and foundation problems This year we’ve been fortunate the help home owners in […]

Flooded Basement? You Need Our Exterior Water Management System

Basement Flooding May Be Causes By Poor Draining in Your Yard Often, when your basement or house floods, it can be a result of either an overflow of rain water, or from an underground stream.    When your home or business sits on land that has an underground stream there will be problems with the […]

Constant Water in Basement Phoenixville PA

Check out this video: A homeowner in Phoenixville PA talks about how he worked with Basement Waterproofing Specialists to solve the problem of constant water in his basement:  

My Basement is Flooded Now What?

Basement is Flooded, Damp, or Wet After Rain Storms? If your basement floods when it rains (or snows), you need to have it fixed as soon as possible by a professional. But, what do you do in the immediate aftermath of a flooding?  First, know that any time your basement floods, there is a legitimate […]

Video: Move Out Cleaning Tips

Video from Home Advisor and Basement Waterproofing Specialists With Tips on How to Easily Clean Up Your Home Before Moving Out Did You Know That Basement Waterproofing is One of the Most Important Home Improvement Projects to Do When Selling Your Home? Before you move out, you need to make sure your basement and crawl […]

Emergency Basement Waterproofing Review

Dampness, Mold, or Flooding in Your Basement?   When rain storms hit the NJ area, they can cause extensive flooding and mold growth in your basement. When mold takes root, it must be removed immediately.  Flooding also calls for an emergency basement waterproofing. The longer water sits in your cellar, the higher the chances of: […]

Basement Black Mold Removal Review

Did You Know That Basement Black Mold Can Cause You, Your Family, and Your Pets Serious Health Problems?   Any mold can be toxic, but black mold is especially dangerous. Just a few hours of exposure can cause: Sinus problems Migraine headaches Flu-like symptoms Allergy symptoms Asthma attacks Skin rash Long-term exposure to black mold […]

Will Reparing My Home’s Foundation Repair Take a Long Time?

If you have foundation cracks, holes or leaks in the basement and you’ve been putting off having it repaired because you’re afraid that job takes a long time or is extremely messy, check out this video: As you can see, the job was completed fairly quickly, wasn’t messy (we take great care to keep your […]

Is Basement Mold Poisoning Your Home’s Air?

Did You Know That Mold Growing In Your Basement or Crawl Space Can Destroy Your Home’s Air Quality?   If your basement floods when it rains, or it is damp and moist most of the year, you may have a mold problem. Moisture in your basement leads to: Mildew growth Increased energy (heating and air […]