Interior Drainage System Demo

If the Basement of Your Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware Are Home Flood When It Rains, Remains Damp After Rain or Snow Storms, or Has Mold, Check This Video Out   When your cellar floods, there are a number of problems going on at the same time that are leaving your basement wet:   Water […]

How Fast Can We Drain Your Basement?

Basement Flooding Ruining Your Home?   A wet, damp, or flooded basement can wreak havoc on your family’s home: Wet basements limit living and storage space Flooding damages your cellar floor and foundation walls (both can lead to expensive repairs if not fixed as soon as possible) Damp basements invite dangerous mold growth   If […]

Basement Waterproofing Vineland NJ

Has the Basement of Your Vineland Area Home Started to Experience Water Damages?   We can help! We’re proud to now be able to help home owners in the Vineland, Millville, Bridgeton, NJ area. Does your basement or crawl space have:   White Streaks on Your Basement Walls Cracks in Your Basement Walls or Floor […]

Re-Entering a Storm Damaged Home

As yet another summer storm hits the Philadelphia and New Jersey region, many homes are without power and are being flooded and damaged by the snow and freezing rain.   Last year, summer and winter storms left left an estimated 400,000 people without power for several days. In some parts of South Jersey, home owners were without […]

3 Reasons to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Is Your Crawl Space Damp and Causing You and Your Family Health Problems? Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Save Your Home and Your Health   If your home is in the New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, or Delaware areas, chances are that your crawl space is “vented.” Venting the default style that is used when building a house. […]

5 Tips for Outdoor Party Planning

Having a Back Yard BBQ or Outdoor Party This Summer?   Check out this quick video from Lowe’s Home Improvement and Basement Waterproofing Specialists to find out 5 amazing tips for outdoor party planning: Keep Your Yard Dry and Pest-Free When planning your next BBQ or outdoor party, make sure that you keep the mosquitoes, […]

How to Storm Proof Your Yard

Does Your Yard Flood During Rain Storms?   Flooding can destroy your lawn, garden, and foundation. It can also be extremely unhealthy for you and your family.  If your yard tends to hold water when it rains, there are a few simple solutions that will protect your basement and foundation, revive your soggy lawn, and […]

3 Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Is Your Basement or Crawl Space in Serious Need of Waterproofing?   There are 3 big reason why you should do it now…before it’s too late… 1. Basement Waterproofing Can Help Your Family’s Health A wet basement or crawl space can be lethal to you and your family. Why? Because wet crawl spaces and basements […]