Better Basement Storage (Video)

Need More Basement Storage?   Want to turn your cellar into a living space? If you want to free up space in your basement for storage or to use as a living area, the first step is to clean out the area, then organize what’s left. The video below will give you some fantastic basement […]

Common Concrete Foundation Problems and How to Fix Them

Is Your Home’s Cement or Concrete Foundation Experiencing Any of These Problems?   Freezing Problems and Cracks When was your house built?  If you’re in the NJ, DE or PA areas and it was built in fall or winter, there is a very good chance that your foundation got off to a very bad start. […]

NJ Mold Removal: School Closes Due to Hazardous Mold

Mold in Your Basement or Crawl Space is Extremely Dangerous and Can’t Destroy Your Family’s Health   Mold is such an epidemic in NJ, that public buildings like offices and schools have been closed due to health concerns.  In fact, Holly Glen Elementary in Monroe Township, Gloucester County, closed down for the year after mold was […]

Philadelphia Drainage System Installation Review

 Is Your Basement Getting Wet, Damp, or Flooding Every Time it Rains?   Miss Regina B of Philadelphia needed some help with her exterior drainage. She was having problems with a wet foundation, and flooding basement. We were able to inspect the problem, and design a drainage system, including a French Drain, that stopped her […]

Corrosive Water in Your Basement Walls (Video)

  Rain Water is Highly Corrosive… When Your Yard Floods, Water Seeps Into Your Basement Walls, Causing Dangerous Damages   Are your basement walls wet? Do you see white streaks along your cellar walls? Does your yard flood whenever it rains heavy? If so, your basement walls are filling with water. These are actually warning […]

Basement Flooding Fix Oaks PA

Water in the Walls of This Oaks, PA Basement Lead to Cracks, Flooding, and Water Damage   Water could be seeping into your basement (and foundation) walls ever time it rains.  Some home owners dislike admitting this, but the reality is that no matter if your home was just built or has been around for […]

Roof & Gutter Maintenance Hacks

Did You Know Problems on Your Roof Could Cause Your Basement to Flood? If your roof is having problems, you can be sure that your basement is, too.  Any issue with water or snow safely exiting your roof will cause problems down below. If your gutters are clogged, or they are not pushing water far […]

Hero’s Home, Travis Manion Foundation and BWS

Basement Waterproofing Specialists is proud to be partnering with the Travis Manion Foundation on the Hero’s Home Project:   Please stop by and say hi. The home unveiling promises to be phenomenal and emotional. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved with the foundation, please call 800-700-9171