Causes of a Wet Basement or Crawl Space

Why Your Basement and Crawl Space Get Wet When It Rains or Snows   Is your basement or crawl space flooding every time it rains? Are you getting moisture and wetness in the cellar?  Are you smelling a musty odor any time you are in your basement?

Basement Waterproofing Specialists Review Fountain Hill PA

Customer Review of Basement Waterproofing Specialists Commercial Water Removal and Foundation Repair in Fountain Hill PA Matt was having water problems at his offices in Fountain Hill.  Water was able to get inside the walls of the foundation of his office building, which was weakening the foundation, causing cracks, and ultimately leading to flooding when […]

Why Your Crawl Space Floods

Is the Crawl Space of Your PA, NJ, or DE Area Home Flooding?   Is your crawl space flooding every time it rains, even if it’s only a quick shower? Do you notice a humid, musty, damp feeling in the crawl space? Do you see mold, mildew, or wet spots on the walls or floor? […]

How to De-Flood Your Soggy, Wet Yard

Does Your Yard Flood When It Rains? Fix the Problem Before it Ruins Your Yard, Your Basement, and Your Home’s Foundation   If you’ve lived in the NJ, DE, or PA areas for even short time, you know that it is the capital of weather extremes. Blazing, humid summer days… Freezing cold winter nights… Unpredictable, […]

Need Foundation Repair in King of Prussia?

Is the Foundation of Your King of Prussia, Collegeville or Skippack Home Cracking and Leaking?   Once your foundation starts to show visible cracks, you can be sure that water problems are going to hit your foundation and basement. The key is to both fix the cracks and to deal with the reason why the […]

Customers Comment on Basement Waterproofing Specialists Services

Customers Review Their Experiences with Basement Waterproofing Specialists     “We used Basement Waterproofing Specialists for a long standing issue in a family member’s basement. The gentleman who provided the estimate was very knowledgeable and the price was very competitive and guaranteed. The work was performed in one day over 6 hours and the team […]

Video: Make an English Garden

Video: How to Plan and Make an English Garden in Your Own Backyard Ready to take your yard, and your gardening skills, to the next level? How amazing would your yard look with a beautifully designed English Garden? Don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it seems, especially after you check out the video below.  […]

How to Fix a Brick Foundation

Having Problems with Your Home’s Brick Foundation? Noticing cracks, holes, or leaking?   Brick foundations are tricky… They are prized for their durability. They’re fire resistant. But, when they start to go bad, the situation can spiral out of control quickly. Once cracks start to take root in your brick foundation walls, they can spread […]

Dangers of Crawl Space Mold Infestation

If Your Home’s Crawl Space Shows Signs of Mold, Remove It Quickly Before It Causes Your Family Major Health Damages    Free Estimate on Destroying Crawl Space Mold in NJ, PA, and DE