End of Summer Basement Waterproofing (Why You Need It)

Why Late Summer is the Worst Time for Your Foundation and How Basement Waterproofing Can Help With the end of summer fast approaching, we can expect a huge surge of humidity, last-minute heat, and a slew of storms.  These storms leave your yard, basement, and foundation sopping wet.  Any time there is an excess of […]

Basement Waterproofing Wilmington DE Review

Customer Review and Step-By-Step Video of Basement Waterproofing in Wilmington DE  Basement Waterproofing Wilmington DE We go out of our way to treat your home as if it was the home of a member of our family. That means no cutting corners on the quality of design, equipment, or installation. Our waterproofing systems often […]

Wet Basement Repair Review in Philadelphia PA

Review of Our Wet Basement Repair and Mold Removal Services in Philadelphia PA by One of Our Customers Online   Having a wet basement can be a hassle. You can’t use the cellar as a living area because the moisture, dampness, and mold can ruin furniture, appliances, and even the structural integrity of your home. […]

Video: Cement Foundation Repair Service

How to Quickly and Permanently Fix Cement Foundation Cracks Once cracks start to form in your home’s cement foundation, they will only get worse. Make no mistake, they will NOT get better (or stop spreading) on their own.  Check out the video below and find out just how damaging cracks in your foundation can be: […]

Video: Best Basement Waterproofing Phoenixville PA (Review)

Check out these two reviews of the Best Basement Waterproofing in Phoenixville PA The first is from Shirely Kenepp. Her home’s basement was flooding, and she was sick of the musty smell, the inability to store things safely in her basement, and the fear of her home’s foundation cracking and breaking apart.  Here’s what she […]

Video: DIY Backyard Makeover

Want to Give Your Backyard a Quick, Easy Makeover? Now’s the time to improve your backyard, and make it the relaxing, beautiful area you’ve always dreamed of.  Luckily, this quick video from the Home Depot and Basement Waterproofing Specialists is jam-packed with easy, DIY ideas to give your yard a once-over: DIY Backyard Makeover  […]

Summer Storms Flooding Your Basement?

Does Your Basement Flood After Summer Rain Storms?   Summers in the Philadelphia, NJ, and Delaware areas bring extreme heat, humidity, and sometimes-week long storms. All of that rain can flood your basement, yard, and drop a ton of damage on your home’s foundation:

NJ Yard Flooding Solutions (Video)

Does Your NJ Yard Flood Every Time It Rains or Snows? Chances are, your yard is in desperate need of drainage. Not only does yard flooding destroy your grass and garden, it also causes major damages to your home’s foundation, your basement, and the entire structure of your home. Check out this quick video. Notice […]