PA Farm House Basement Waterproofing

Cellar of Your PA Farm House Leaking, Flooding, or Moldy?

Farm house basements in Pennsylvania, and in many parts of NJ, can be difficult to deal with when water problems start happening.

The old school farm houses were built to last, but even with the best builders on the job, after 80+ years, the walls and floor of your cellar have withstood all the pressure and water that they possibly could.

Why Does Your Basement Flood?

Farm houses are built on really solid foundations. They’re usually stone, but could also be made of cinder block.

They were usually built during a time when home builders used the strongest possible materials when putting a house together.

But, while this kept the cellar safe for decades, those strong materials actually become a problem once water starts getting into your basement.

The soil around your home swells every time it rains. This swelling (soil expansion) puts a tremendous around of (hydro static) pressure on your basement’s walls and floors.

After a while, the pressure is too much, and your home’s foundation will start to crack on the outside (the part under your home). This allows water to seep into the walls.

  • If your home’s foundation is made of cinder blocks, you should know that once the walls crack, and water gets inside, 1 cinder block can hold 2gallons of water


  • This means that ever cinder block that fills, will be holding 16+lbs of water!

Check out what our Chief Inspector Mark Pallente had to say about this farm house basement waterproofing project in Wilkes Barre PA:

The hydro static pressure was just too much for this family’s basement. So, we helped them by:

  • Installed an internal pressure relief system
  • Excavated around the footing of the home
  • Installed perforated PVC pipe system with 3 levels of filters
  • Installed a mirra drain to help keep water out of the basement walls
  • Installed a sealed, cast iron sump pump to pull all excess water out of the ground and carry it away from the home in a 1 1/2″ PVC pipe

Here’s what the family had to say about their experience with Basement Waterproofing Specialists:

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