Options for Fixing a Poured Concrete Foundation

Don’t Let Your Home’s Foundation Crack and Cause a Huge Structural Failure…Learn the Best Options for Fixing It

You may not think much about your home’s foundation. Fixing your foundation is definitely not a vanity project, or something that will instantly improve the beauty of your home, like a kitchen remodel.

But, once the cracks and leaks start to happen, you have to take action quickly because these problems can spread quickly. It’s important to weigh your options before fixing, because if the job is done incorrectly, it can cause even bigger problems.

How we do foundation repair in Cherry Hill NJ.

Foundation repair services in the Cherry Hill NJ area.


First, if you have a poured concrete wall, what products are the companies you are thinking of hiring using to fix the problem?

For example, in a plain poured concrete wall with an extremely visible crack, contractors will apply a boiler-plate fix by filling it in with an epoxy (basically a type of strong glue).


Further, in some cases they will actually glue an expensive strap/strip made carbon fiber onto it. The carbon fiber is a thin, stranded filament about 8 inches wide and about 1/8″ thick glued to the block or cement wall, perpendicular to the crack.


This will stop the water for a short time but with the expansion and contraction of temperature changes the crack has a tendency to separate and it will tear the coatings.


Best Options for Fixing a Poured Concrete Foundation in Your Home

We have a unique way of repairing your foundation in a way that can guarantee for the lifetime of the structure that the wall will not move.

We apply a 90,000-lb tensile strength 304 stainless steel plate.


  • First, we epoxy the crack in your foundation
  • Then, the steel plate is epoxied to the outside of the foundation wall
  • 6″ bolts are then applied
  • This prevents the foundation from separating and prevents the footer from potentially cracking…which is a huge, expensive problem to fix, so this alone will save you a ton of money
  • You get a Free Estimate on your repair and In-House Financing is available


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