North Brunswick NJ Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Review

What Happens When Your Basement Gets So Wet, and the Walls Are Put Under So Much Pressure That They Actually Crack? This North Brunswick NJ Home Owner Found Out How Dangerous Basement Flooding and Poor Drainage Can Be…


We got a call recently from Larry Levick. His family home was suffering from severe foundation problems. The walls were cracking in several places, and in several ways.

The damage was getting worse, and Larry and his family were in danger of having the foundation collapse, which would’ve destroyed their beautiful, family home. 

You can see the before and afters of how we were able to help Larry by Clicking Here

After the basement was waterproofed, the basement walls rebuilt, and better drainage installed, Larry was nice enough to shoot this video detailing his experience with Basement Waterproofing Specialists:


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