Is It Normal for Your Crawl Space to Flood When It Rains?

Does Your Crawl Space Flood When It Rains?


In the New Jersey, Philadelphia (and Eastern Pennsylvania) and Delaware areas if your home has a crawl space, chances are, it has flooded during a rain storm…or when it snows and then melts. It could even have filled with water from too much watering your lawn.

Unfortunately, it is extremely common for crawl spaces to flood, especially in the Philadelphia area.

Why Causes Your Crawl Space to Flood After Rain Storms?

Most homes that were built with crawl spaces had very poor drainage put in or around the area. So, that small space under your home is like a magnet for flooding.

  • If it rains a lot, the water can simply overwhelm the ground around your home and water can come in through the door or opening of the crawl space.


  • If the walls or floors of the foundation have not been waterproofed, water and soil pressure will cause cracks and water can make it’s way inside that way.


  • Slow leaks can develop from cracks or simply from long periods of rain that add up and cause the area to flood


 What Damage Does a Flooded Crawl Space Cause in Your Home?

Flooding causes a slew of problems, all of which are very damaging to your house. Expect:


  • Higher Energy Bills (flooding destroys insulation, making it harder to heat and cool your home because the air simply escapes)
  • Health Problems (all of that water leads to mold growth. Much of the air in your home circulates through the basement and crawl space…so, you and your family are breathing in those mold spores!

  • Expensive Structural Damages (flooding can destroy your home’s foundation)

Crawl space waterproofing Harrisburg PA before and after

How We Can Help You

We can encapsulate your crawl space. This will keep it dry, stop the flooding, and stop the structural damages from happening. If you have mold, we can get rid of that for you, too.


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