Are New Homes Safe From Mold?

Did You Buy a New Home But Suspect There is Mold Lurking in Your Basement?


In 1999, USA Today posed the question, “Are New Homes Moldier?”

The answer, based on research, surprised a lot of people…


  • New homes are not safe from mold infestation, and, are often more susceptible to getting mold, especially in the basement and attic.

The newspaper went on to describe the story of a Texas woman who saw her brand new 11,500 square foot home quarantined because of mold infestation. And, they say:

“It started with a series of leaks…the woman’s 3 year old son was on medication to treat his asthma and her husband began to suffer memory loss.”

She soon discovered that it was mold, specifically black mold, that was causing her son’s asthma to worsen (and possibly caused it) and her husband’s memory loss. Experts tested and found the house was full of black mold, aka Stachybotrys atra, which produce mycotoxins when they reproduce and grow.

These are potentially deadly to human health.

And, her brand new home was overtaken, quickly, by the mycotoxins and mold.

Mold's Heatlh Effects

Why Are New Homes Moldier?


Experts have found, and we agree, that the problem is due to how many new homes are being built. A lot of organic and semi-organic materials are being used.

This is the stuff that mold loves.


  • And, add to the organic materials (like wood) the way some homes are insulated, moisture can become trapped between the plywood and the insulation.


Mold loves to set up shop in that area…it’s warm, damp, wet and it can’t be seen unless you rip the walls apart.


Plus, most homes are now built to be air tight. This means that air conditioning and heating systems will recycle the same air over and over again.

And, every time the air circulates, mold spores come with it, causing it to spread across the entire house, quickly.

The Texas woman profiled in the USA Today story can’t even have her home demolished until Center for Disease Control workers can remediate (kill) the mold, otherwise it will be released into the air and can find it’s way into neighbor hood homes.


How Can You Get Rid of Mold In Your New Home


The worst part of this mold epidemic is that many DIY websites are promoting ways to attempt to rid your home of mold without the help of a professional.

Do this and you can quickly find yourself in the same shoes as the Texas woman from the story.


Wiping up mold, using bleach, using “mold sprays,” do nothing but kill mold for a day or two. The spores are in the air in your home. They will settle on surfaces, find moisture, and re-grow.

And, this doesn’t even begin to address the mold that can be inside the walls.


Here’s what you need to do:


  • Get rid of any excess water or moisture in your basement, kitchen, bathroom, attic, near chimneys, etc
  • Fix any leaks within 24-hours
  • Hire a professional to do a full mold inspection
  • If mold of any kind is found, call us at 800-700-9171, we can give you a free estimate on getting the mold out of your home
  • Our mold remediation system is patented and not only removes the mold from surfaces in the home, but in the air as well. This is key!


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