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Is the Foundation of Your King of Prussia, Collegeville or Skippack Home Cracking and Leaking?


Once your foundation starts to show visible cracks, you can be sure that water problems are going to hit your foundation and basement.

The problem is that in the KOP, Collegeville, and Skippack areas, many contractors won’t help you fix your foundation…




Sinkding Foundation Repair in PA.

Helping fix a sinking foundation.

Because they don’t know how to fix the most common types found in this area:

  • Poured Concrete


Old Style Homes + Stone Type Foundations = Water Problems, Flooding and Structural Problems in Your Home

Many homes in the area are older style homes, built on stone, concrete or brick foundations.Now, many of the new homes are also being built on stone, this problem isn’t just for those with older houses.

These foundations are built to last, but even they have their limits.

  • And, once the have problems, it can be difficult to find someone to fix them.


How We Help You Fix Your Foundation

We are the leader in foundation repair in Eastern Pennsylvania, NJ and Delaware. We are experts in fixing all types of foundations, including brick, stone and concrete.


Your home will benefit because:

  • We do not rely on simple “epoxy” to fix a crack in the foundation of your home (the forces from outside the walls and the weight of the home itself will overpower a simple epoxy in no time)
  • We use a patented Steel Plate Technology to hold the wall together and prevent further cracking (see video below for more info)
  • Most importantly, we fix the source of the problem (if you do not address the reason for the cracking and leaking, no amount of fixing will help, the foundation will simply get worse until your home is at risk of collapse)
  • You Also Get a Free Estimate and 0% Financing
  • We Guarantee the Wall Will Not Crack Further for the Life of the Home
  • We Absolutely Treat Your Home and Foundation The Same as We Would One of Our Family Members

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If you need more info on fixing your foundation please click here.

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