Do You Need Foundation Repair? 3 Warning Signs 1

If You See These Warning Signs, Your Home’s Foundation is in Serious Need of Repair

1. Leaking Pipes In the Basement Walls

Called leaking pipe penetration, when a pipe leaks around the outside (or inside) of your basement walls, this is a huge danger sign. The leaking water will first show itself as discoloration around the pipes and down the walls. Often reddish-orange streaks inside of long, white, powdery streaks. The white is mold growth, and it is very dangerous.

Pipes can move around a lot and can expand or contract with changes in temperature. If they freeze, they can burst, causing flooding inside and outside of your basement walls.


2. Large Cracks

Cracks in your foundation or in your basement walls or floor of any size are a warning sign. But, if you see large cracks, please take action immediately.

If you touch the foundation walls and you can feel that it is uneven, it means that there is fairly significant damage that needs to be fixed ASAP before the problem gets worse. Your walls can buckle soon after cracks become large.


3. Flooding in Your Basement or Crawl Space

Leaks and flooding in your basement or crawl space means that the cracks in your foundation are allowing water to penetrate the walls from the outside.

Water gets in the walls and then finds cracks on the inner walls (because water weakens concrete and stone, this will help cracks spread because the structural integrity of the walls and floor will be weakened), causing leaks.

Then, when it rains, your basement floods. This is unhealthy (flooding causes mold growth) and can ruin your home’s foundation.


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