Do You Need Crawl Space Waterproofing? 2

Is Waterproofing Your Home’s Crawl Space Worth the Investment?


Most home owners in the Philadelphia area prefer to forget about their crawl spaces.

  • They’re small, they get wet, musty, moldy, damp and they can smell bad
  • They attract local wildlife (everything from frogs to snakes to squirrels to spiders love to set up there)
  • They offer little safe storage area
  • And, if they’re wet and moldy, they’ll make your house less valuable

If budget isn’t an issue, you’re best bet is to convert your crawl space into a basement (click here to learn how).


However, if you aren’t ready to add a new basement, you absolutely should waterproof the crawl space. You may want to consider crawl space encapsulation as well.



 Crawl Space Flooding and Foundation Problems

Your crawl space is an easy target for flooding, mold growth, and foundation problems.

The are is usually open, and low-lying, so water from rain or snow storms can easily get get inside. If your yard has poor drainage (most do), then the ground around your how will expand when it rains. This expansion puts a lot of pressure on your homes foundation or crawl space walls.

This leads to cracks, flooding, insect infestation, and other unhealthy problems (like mold and mildew growth).


How Crawl Space Waterproofing Can Help You

  • Waterproofing will turn that area into a dry, safe place to store things.
  • Drying out the area and preventing mold growth will increase home value by at least 25% (nothing makes potential buyers run faster than a moldy basement or crawl space)
  • Sealing it up and drying it out will keep the rodents and snakes away
  • Keeping your crawl space dry and water damage free helps keep your home’s foundation strong and crack-free


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