Do You Need Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster PA?

3 Ways Waterprofing Can Save the Basement and Foundation of Your Lancaster, PA Home


And how it can make you a bunch of money...

Lancaster…the beautful farm lands, the trees, the pastoral landscapes…the crumbling foundations?

Yes, many home owners just like you in the Lancaster area are experienceing wet basements, cracked foundations and major structural issues lately. The heavy snow of the winter, the rains and tropical storms of the spring and summer and the irrigation run off have all lead to the basements, cellars and crawl spaces of the homes, especially the older farm houses, being overwhelmed with wet, swollen soil that is pushing water into the house.

Is Your Home in Danger?

Chances are that your home is in danger of experiencing many of the structural and water problems as the rest of the area. Old or new, the rain, snow and water team up with heavy soils to put pressure on your foundation’s walls, causing leaks and cracks.

In Lancaster, and most of Lancaster county, the problem is made worse because of the huge amount of misinformation surrounding how to solve the water, flooding and foundation problems. despite what many Do-It-Yourself sites tell you, fixing these problems s not as simple as throwing some cheap waterproofing paint on your cellar walls (this actually makes the problem worse).

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