My Basement is Leaking from the Floor

How to Stop Your Basement Floor (and Walls) from Leaking


One of the most common questions we get is “my basement is leaking from the floor, what can I do?” This is, unfortunately, a very common problem in the Philadelphia and Harrisburg areas. And, it is a problem that tends to be reoccurring and destructive.

What Causes a Basement Floor to Leak?

  • Leaking Pipes – Sometimes plumbers put pipes under your basement’s floor when the house is being built. They also like to run them through the walls. When one of these pipes leaks, it can lead to water getting in through the basement floor. Luckily, newer homes don’t have this problem anymore, so, it is rare that this is the cause
  • Excess Water In Your Yard – Too much water around your home when it rains, the water table backs up, from big snow falls, or simply when you water your lawn are the most common reasons that your basement will leak.


Basement wateprroofing to stop leaking floor.This stems from poor drainage in your yard and around your home’s foundation. Basically, the rain hits your yard and can not drain properly. It sits and slowly filters into the soil.

But, under the topsoil there is heavy clay and gravel, which do not drain well at all.

And, clay is expansive, meaning that when saturated or when the weather changes, the ground will actually get bigger. This expansion puts a special type of pressure on your foundation and basement (hydrostatic pressure).

Hydrostatic pressure pushes into your basement walls from the outisde-in and on your basement floor from underneath.

  • It doesn’t take long before this pressure starts to crack the cement, stone, block or terra cotta foundation. After the cracks, water can push its way inside, causing leaks and flooding.

Flooding and leaking are signs that your foundation is in trouble. It is always best to deal with this problem as soon as possible.


Waterproofing and Drainage Can Help Your Home

Your basement has to be protected from both pressure and water. Putting better drainage in your yard (an exterior drainage and water management system) and waterproofing your basement and foundation can keep your basement safe from pressure and keep water out.


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