My Basement Floor is Cracking

Should You Be Worried About Cracks in Your Basement Floor?



Yes, you should worry because cracks indicate several problems with the foundation, some of which are very serious. In fact, they can be a sign that you have serious foundation problems.




1. House Settling


When part of your home drops below it’s normal level, this is called “settling.”

It is usually caused by water problems under or around the home. And, often from poor construction when the home was built.


If the home sits on an underground stream, has soil around the home that gets saturated with rain water and expands or if the dirt under the home wasn’t tamped properly, you can be facing cracking caused by settling.


2. Shrinking Concrete


When cement and concrete dry and “cure,” they can shrink. They may continue to expand and shrink with the extremes of weather in the Philadelphia area. This all leads to problems with the basement floor and walls.


3. Water Damage


This is the most common cause and often the most dangerous. If water around your home is not managed properly, it will weaken the foundation, cause the ground around the home to expand, and will literally break the cement or concrete foundation. (It also breaks through stone or brick foundations)


Water can push it’s way into the walls and floor of the basement. Water will settle inside the walls, weakening the cement.


How We Can Help You Fix the Problem


  • We will evaluate the type of crack that your basement floor has (This is an important part of the process, as different causes have different solutions)
  • Typically, we will fix the soil around your home (this will reduce the pressure on the walls and floor of the foundation)
  • You may need a better drainage system put into place (this will stop the water problems, even in the worst rain storms, because it keeps water away from your home and foundation)
  • You can benefit from our special, patented method of stopping cracks in the walls and floor (we’re the only company that does this and it stops cracks dead in their tracks)


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