Why Is My Basement Always Wet and Damp?

Tired of Dealing With A Basement That Always Seems to Be Wet and Damp?


Is your basement damp, dank, humid, or moldy?

Does it stay damp even in the summer?

You’re not alone.

This is one of the most common questions we are asked at home shows. Many home owners, just like you, are living with a basement that is constantly damp, wet, and dank. Often, it also has a musty smell. Many times, these basements are also prone to flooding.

That musty smell is an indication of mold growth, and can mean that the air coming into and out of your cellar or crawl space is toxic.

What Causes a Damp Basement?

Water has a tremendous ability to find it’s way into your cellar.

Infographic of Basement WaterproofingAll it takes is a tiny crack or hole for water to push it’s way inside. But, the problem starts outside the home.

Most homes are built on clay soil. Clay has horrible drainage, so, when it rains or snows, the water gets into the ground around your home and is trapped.

When the temperature changes (to hot or cold), the ground expands.

The expansion puts pressure on the walls of your foundation or basement.


Over time, this pressure becomes too much for your home’s foundation. Yes, even brick, stone and cement are no match for the unrelenting pressure that water and soil can put on your home.


  • Cracks develop on the outside walls, letting water in.
  • Once in, the water collects at the bottom of the walls, weakening the foundation.


Soon, little cracks will develop on the inside walls and floor. Water can now get inside your basement all the time.

This is what causes that constant wetness and dampness in your cellar. The “musty” smell comes from mold growth. Mold is extremely harmful to your health, so the problem goes beyond the simple annoyance of the bad smell and dampness.


How We Can Help You


  • We re-tamp the soil around your home (This gets rid of air pockets and allows for better drainage)
  • We will put better drainage systems in place so that your basement stays dry, no matter what the weather (plus, you’ll get a footer drain that will act as an emergency back up in case any water does get into the walls – this can literally save your foundation and save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs)


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