How Much Will a Finished Basement Increase My Home Value? 1

Thinking of finishing your basement but wondering how much it will actually increase your home’s value in today’s market?


You’re not alone…


In fact, finishing and remodeling basements is fast becoming the go-to way to set your home apart from the rest on the market; increasing value and making it a much easier sell.

How Much Will Finishing Raise the Selling Price?



After basement waterproofing

After Waterproofing: No more water on the floor, walls are dry and drainage is installed.

There is no magic formula. A lot depends on location (in cities like Philadelphia, Edison, Newark, etc where space is limited, a full sized, finished basement can add tens of thousands of dollars to the home’s value), home size, size of basement, etc.


But, in most cases, you can expect at least a 20% bump in re-sale value.


According to a recent article on Yahoo! Finance:


An added benefit of a finished basement is its instant marketability. Finished basements are highly desirable and if you have any intention on selling your property, a finished basement can go a long way. In this tough market, homes need to stand out among the rest. The ease and convenience of a finished basement is very attractive to potential buyers


Not only will having a remodeled, finished basement help you get what your home is worth, it will help it stand out in a tough market and make it more valuable. So, the project is well worth the investment because it offers a tremendous return.

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