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Mold Removal Glassboro NJ: Have Mold In Your Home? We Can Remove It, Fast


The Problem with Most Mold Removal Services

Most of the time, companies who claim to do mold removal are really just coming in with over-priced cleaning solutions, spraying liquid on organic materials like wood and drywall, wiping the mold up, handing you the bill then disappearing.

The next thing you know, mold is back within a few days!

This is a common problem in the Glassboro area (including Pitman, Mullica Hill, Richwood, Mantua, etc) because many of the older homes have poor drainage, which leads to water in your basement or crawl space. A little water goes a long when when it comes to mold growth in your home.


Why Is Mold So Dangerous to Your Family and Your Pets

Mold spreads fast once it takes root in your home.

Mold Removal by Basement Waterproofing SpecialistsIt will do so by releasing tiny, microscopic spores into the air of your house. They float everywhere, even getting into your heating and air conditioning systems.

They will travel from the basement into your main home through the ducts or simply whenever the basement door is opened.


These spores are absolutely toxic to you, your family and your pets.


They cause a number of health problems including sinusitis, asthma, itchy eyes, flu like symptoms (all year long), severe headaches, and can even be lethal.

Yes, mold can kill. It’s been show to contribute to the death of children and small pets. They have smaller immune systems and simply can not fight off these tiny foreign invaders.


How We Can Remove Mold From Your Glassboro Home Permanently

The key to killing mold and keeping it out of your home is understanding two things:


  • Adding moisture to organic materials (wood, drywall, etc) will actually encourage more mold to grow
  • The spores in your home’s air must be dealt with or they will simply land and create new growth


Rather than simply wipe up mold and hope that it never returns, we destroy it and make sure it can never grow in your home again.




  • We use a negative air containment system (your furniture and every square inch of your basement are covered so that as mold is killed, the spores can not land on surfaces and re-grow. They are destroyed in the air and any that survive land on plastic sheeting, which is then removed and destroyed)

  • Your water and moisture issue will be fixed (mold is killed…but what about its source of food? When the moisture and water are kept out of your home, mold has nothing to live on. Fixing the problem at the source is key)
  • Your air quality is improved (with Ozone treatment and powerful dehumidifiers, your air quality improves and gives mold spores zero chance for survival)


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