Mold Remediation New Castle Delaware

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Mold in Your New Castle DE Area Home?

We can help you get rid of it, fast.

Dangers of Mold

Mold and it’s spores are extremely dangerous to the health of you and your family. And, it can also be lethal to your pets.

All mold needs is a little bit of moisture to grow. Your basement or crawl space provide the perfect environment. And, because a lot of your home’s air passed through your basement, the mold spores can get into your HVAC ducts and vents, bringing those hazardous spores right into the air of your home.


  • Mold has been shown to cause sinus allergies, sinusitis, migraine headaches, skin rashes, breathing problems, lung problems and even death in children and small pets.
  • Mold remediation must be done with a negative air containment

Mold Remediation New Castle Delaware

How can we get the mold out of your home with our negative air and containment system?


  • Tarps are put down so that air borne spores can not land and re-start mold growth
  • We keep mold spores out of vents and ducts, protecting the rest of your home from mold infestation
  • Dead mold spores make a great food source for existing mold, we sterilize them so that they are destroyed and can not become the starter for new mold growth




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