Mold and Allergies

In the Philadelphia & NJ Areas, Spring and Summer Warmth¬†Brings Out The Worst Allergy Symptoms…But, Are Some of Your “Allergies” Really Caused by Mold?


Before you reach for the Benadryl, Have Your Home Inspected for Mold

What Mold Does To Your Body

Mold in the home, especially in the attic or basement, where much of the home’s air travels through, can cause a slew of health problems. Because many of these are sometimes associated with allergies to pollen, dust, dander, etc., the problem can go unnoticed for years.


“Very often, people don’t really know what the problem is,” says John Martyny, PhD, an industrial hygienist with National Jewish Health Center in Denver. “They have an allergic reaction, lots of sinus drainage, lots of upper respiratory problems, and it doesn’t last for just a month or two. This goes on 12 months a year. It is not a minimal problem — it can really change your life.”


Mold can be responsible for:


  • Swollen tongue
  • Skin rash
  • Itchy, Watery Eyes
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Asthma
  • Headaches, confusion
  • Painful, swollen joints
Mold Health Effects

Some of the many ways that mold in your home can effect your health.

This is just a partial list of the symptoms that  it can cause. As you can see, many of these are commonly mistaken for common allergies.

How Does Mold Cause Damage to Your Health?

Mold does its damage by the way it grows and reproduces.

Molly Mold Spore at the PA Home Show

A little bit of water or moisture…some air…a little bit of humidity, and mold has a fertile area to grow and spread, fast. Once it starts, it will produce small, microscopic spores.

These spores float through the air of your home and land on counter tops, furniture, food, drinks, plates…every surface imaginable.

If any water or moisture is present, it sets up an area for new growth.

The spreading of mold will continue.

These spores also land on you and your family. You breathe them in, touch them when you eat from plates or silverware that the spores have landed on; drink from the cups where the spores have gone.

Once in your system, they damage your lungs, sinuses, blood, and even brain.


  • Long term exposure to mold can lead to serious health problems, even death.


How to Stop Your Home’s Mold Problem

To stop the negative health issues, you must remove mold from your home.

Do not attempt this alone. Trying to take out mold can cause a ton of spores to be “stirred up” into the air in your home and cause a severe r.reaction. Plus, do-it-yourself solutions only lead to re-growth (wiping up mold or bleaching it does nothing to prevent future growth!)


  • Have a professional check inside your walls (mold loves to grow inside of drywall)
  • Have your attic and basement vented and dehumidified
  • Check for leaky pipes/faucets (mold can grow around leaks in pipes)
  • Get rid of any water damaged carpets or flooring (these act like sponges for mold and mildew)

We can help you.

We provide a full mold inspection of your home and our special method of mold remediation kills not only surface mold, but the spores in the air of your home (so mold can not grow back)

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