Moisture Control: The Key to Controlling Mold?

Moisture in Your Basement or Crawl Space Can Lead to Toxic Mold Growth

If mold has invaded your home and you’re suffering the health problems associated with the sinister spore, this is a must read article:

In 2004 the EPA released a statement that controlling moisture in your home, from the attic, to the main home, to the basement is the key to controlling, killing and preventing mold growth.


The concern over mold growth in homes, schools and office buildings has exploded over the last few years…and for good reason…the spread of mold and Black Mold as increased like a plague.



  • basement waterproofing before pictureMold can be found almost anywhere and grow on nearly any organic substance as long as oxygen and moisture are there to feed it.
  • Mold is often found in basements, attics, boiler rooms, hot-water heater areas, bathrooms, behind drywall, in carpets and behind wood or paneling in the house.


Moisture Leads to Mold Growth


Mold needs air and moisture to grow and spread. The more of each present, the faster it grows.

We can’t see this happening without magnification, but, spores are released and get into the air of your home. They stay there until mold is killed.

And, they must truly be killed. Destroyed completely. 

Removing it for a short time (as most mold remediators do) will do nothing.


  • Mold will re-grow quickly. The spores land on objects all over the home, giving it a new food source.
  • It will destroy these objects eventually and then move onto the next...and, many of these spores eventually end up in our lungs, stomachs and on our skin.


This is why the EPA suggests that moisture control is the true key to killing mold.


What’s So Bad About a Little Mold?

No amount of mold is ok to have in your home. Many home owners simply live with the problem until they become very sick.

Here is a partial list of the health effects mold can have on you and your family (and they can happen quickly):


  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Skin Rashes
  • Fatigue and Depression
  • Unexplained Irritability
  • Flu-Like Symptoms (these often reoccur)
  • Coughing and Trouble Breathing
  • Sinus Congestion, Runny Nose, Sneezing, Bloody Nose
  • Nausea
  • Loss of Memory, Hearing, Eyesight
  • Seizures, Dizziness, Fainting


Homes get condemned, schools and office buildings are closed because of mold. This is a serious problem. recently reported that Rowan University is spending $500,000 to have mold removed and to re-furbish 68 rooms on campus where air-conditioners leaked and caused mold growth.


They also reported that Neshaminy Schools spent $4,000 to clean hundreds of library books that spouted mold after being kept in a humid room.

  • Schools in Pottsgrove started to remediate mold but the problem was so bad that they actually had to give up and send the students to a new building, costing them a ton of money.


This can easily happen in your home!

The problem is that controlling moisture is not the easiest thing in the world to do.


  • It involves making sure that every single inch of your home is sealed and does not allow excessive humidity in.


  • That all air conditioning units are safe.


  • The basement and attic have to be prepared to get rid of extra moisture (these places are havens for both moisture and mold)


And, most importantly, mold must be killed in a way that doesn’t allow for re-growth.

Many times this is over looked and leaves the home owner with multiple remediation bills and a house that continually grows mold and mildew!


  • Often, when companies clean up the mold in your home, they allow the spores to live (and, the clean up process can actually release more spores into the air!)
  • When we remove mold from your home, we  get rid of mold on all surfaces (even the hidden ones, like behind drywall)
  • More importantly, we kill the mold in the air and prevent it from landing on any more surfaces

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