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At the Jersey Shore, from Brick and Long Beach Island, down through Ocean City, Margate, Vetonor and Cape May, many homes are at risk for big time basement and foundation damages.


Because rain water and water from the ocean, especially when these towns experiencing floods in the spring and summer, are highly acidic. This type of water is very destructive and can literally eat away at the cement, stone, brick or concrete that makes up your foundation.

  • Man of the big, beautiful, beach front homes are at the highest risk because they are usually the first to flood when a big storm (like Hurricane Sandy or one of the tropical storms that followed) hits the NJ area.
  • Even if your home is more inland, it can still experience the same damages.

Whether you have a basement, crawl space or piered foundation, you should try your best to protect it from these water damages. If you protect your home early, you can fix the problem for a lot less than if you let the problem continue.

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Why Jersey Shore Basement Waterproofing Helps Your Home

Basement waterproofing helps protect your home from these damages…think of it as a thin but impenetrable shield, a coat of arms for your home that fights off mold, mildew and water damages. Without it, it’s like going into shark infested waters without a boat…or a weapon…or even a life jacket. Translation, you’re done!

  • National research has concluded that over 60% of homes in the U.S. have some kind of water damages in the basement. This number explodes when it comes to homes along the coast lines. The harsh winter weather at the beach can pound your home’s foundation into submission. This, over the course of only a few years, can destroy your home and it’s basement.

This not only costs a ton to repair, but, it will cause your home’s value to plummet!

Sadly, most home owners in New Jersey think these problems are ok to have. They feel that a simple de-humidifier can solve the water issues. Obviously, this is just asking for trouble, since new homes built today routinely have a French Drain and Sump Pump installed as it built. We give a significant warranty and the cost for the installation is much less expensive.

Obviously million ofInfographic of Basement Waterproofing homes across the country were built without French Drains or Sump Pumps.And, many of the shore homes in NJ are older home.

  • But, even if you do have a french drain and a pump, the ocean has a lot more water than these devices can withstand.


Other research shows that wet basements and basement water damages is the number 1 complaint of all home owners.

And, these problems don’t take long to surface!

If you have a damp basement, musty odors, efflorescence (“white powder”), or minor water leaks, fix it now before it gets worse and much more expensive.

If there is water inside the walls, you need to have weep holes drilled, have the walls drained, and get them waterproofed immediately!

Otherwise, foundation collapse is in your very near future


It is important you, the homeowner, identify the problem as soon as possible. The longer these problems are left unsolved, the worse, and more expensive the problem could become.

  • Basement waterproofing will also keep harmful salt water from getting in between the basement walls, which is extremely damaging to your foundation and very expensive to fix


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