Jamison PA Basement Waterproofing Review

Review of Basement Waterproofing Specialists from Jamison PA


We’d like to thank Denise Hoffman of Jamison PA for the kind words she sent us about her experience with BWS. We were thrilled to help, and happy that Miss Hoffman’s basement is still dry despite the recent heavy rain storms.

Here’s what she had to say:

Hello Dave,

Wanted to take a minute to let you know how HAPPY we were with the crew (Sebastian) last week. 

Best Basement Waterproofer in PA, NJ, DE Award

Best Basement Waterproofing Award

Although I filled in the survey form explaining how polite, professional and skilled the team was, you deserve a little thanks too.

You were SO right.  I was so fearful of the dust, dirt and time it would involve to get this job done.  None of the fears appeared ~ once the Team took over.  I over prepared emptying the basement and had gathered every extra sheet, blanket and tarp to cover the remaining items in that basement.  I walked up and down two flights of steps over 100 times.  Again, for nothing.
The team worked so well together.  They covered my covers, did exactly what you said they would, as in taped plastic and made a wall separating the basement from ground zero. 
Six men on such a hot day was probably necessary as they got done by 4:30Please let the company know how pleased we are with each and every man. 
The outside looks as if nothing ever happened. 
They do their job well and I feel that you sent the best Team to Miss Fussy. 
Thank you again.  We have had 2 heavy rains and all is DRY.  And the sign is still up on the Lawn.  That says a LOT if Bill kept it up. 
Happy Summer,
Denise Hofmann
Jamison, PA

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