Is Your Crawl Space Flooding?

Does Your Crawl Space Flood Every Time It Rains?


The recent rain storms in the Philadelphia area brought much needed irrigation to area farms, but, it also brought problems for home owners just like you.

Houses in the area (all of NJ, eastern PA and Delaware) are often built on crawl spaces. Not only do crawl spaces offer little in the way of living or storage area, they also flood easily.


Anytime it rains, snows or even when you over-water your lawn, the excess water has to drain. But, because houses in the area have soil with poor drainage, the water creates a wet, sloppy mess. Often, this water finds its way into your crawl space. Sometimes it comes through the walls.

Other times it can come right in the front door of the space.

Or, it can come in through the floor. If you have  dirt floor in your crawl space, you know how easily it floods.

What Happens When Your Crawl Space Floods

  • Flooding and water weaken your home’s foundation
  • Water attracts rodents, bugs, and snakes, creating a very unhealthy situation below your home
  • A wet crawl space is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. This adds another unhealthy situation for you and your family



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