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Does Your Basement Really Need to Be Waterproofed?







Those 4 words should be enough to answer one of the most common questions we get:

Is basement waterproofing necessary? Or, can cheap paints be used to protect my home.


Do You Enjoy Flooding in Your Basement?

That’s a silly question, right?

Unfortunately, the DIY crowd, and companies that sell cheap, ineffective waterproofing paints have led home owners just like you into thinking that waterproofing is not needed.

They like to make you believe that slapping some paint on the basement walls will protect your home from leaks, flooding, mold, cracks, and dampness.


  • However, this is a dangerously wrong assumption.


In fact, those paints make the problem worse.

When you consult Google and see these DIY sites telling you that waterproofing isn’t necessary, ask yourself this:

When the problems gets much worse and you’re on the hook for tens of thousands in repair bills, will those DIY sites help you pay for the mistake they made?


Check out what actually goes into waterproofing your basement:



Why You Need to Waterproof

Why would they do something so irresponsible?

It comes from a total misunderstanding of why your basement gets water problems in the first place.

Almost always, it is because of pressure on the foundation/basement walls from the outside. The ground around your home expands with water, puts pressure on the walls, and they break down.


  • Rain or snow hit your yard, drain into the soil below and mix with the clay in the ground around your home. This, combined with changes in temperature, causes the ground to literally swell up.


When the ground expands, it pushes into your foundation.


  • Now, the foundation already supports the weight of your home so when it’s confronted with the unrelenting pressure from the soil, it gives out. This can happen quite quickly.


Plus, more than likely, your home was not “back filled” properly when it was built. The builder probably dumped the dirt into the trench around your basement and left it that way.

Big mistake.


Because this causes air pockets to form. Those pockets fill with water, causing further expansion in the ground.

It’s a lethal 1-2 Punch for your home that ends in mold, mildew, cracked foundation, flooding and dampness.


But Isn’t Waterproofing Expensive?

Actually, no.

First, know that it’s an investment into the health of your home and your family.


  • It increases home value by 25% or more.
  • It rids your home of hazardous mold (which can harm your family)


Plus, per square foot, it’s actually one of the cheapest home improvements you can do.


Now, consider the alternative:


You decide to trust the DIY crowd. You buy a $30 bucket of paint, put it on the basement walls and floor.

6 months pass…


You notice a few more small cracks.

Then some water seeps in.

Then mold.


A few more months go by and now the cracks are getting bigger. In fact, the wall is starting to separate.

What would’ve been a quick, economically fix has turned into a huge repair bill and headache. Your home is literally starting to collapse.


  • This can all be prevented with a simple waterproofing.


Waterproofing works by:


  • Fixing and re-filling the dirt around your home (to prevent the ground from expanding & putting pressure on the basement walls)
  • Putting in pillars to strengthen the foundation walls
  • Adding drains that pull water away from the home when it rains (1″ of rain on an average size property = over 6,000 gallons!)
  • Sealing the outer and inner walls, preventing moisture and mold growth
  • Fixing cracks so they will not grow and ruin your foundation (Unfixed cracks will lead to foundation collapse and your home being condemned)


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