Is a Crawl Space Conversion to Basement Possible? 2

Dreaming of adding a basement to your home? a Crawl Space Conversion to Basement is the answer


A crawl space conversion, sometimes called a “dig out,” can take your small, cramped, musty, mold-riddled and tiny crawl space and convert it into a full, dry, livable basement.

Not long ago, dig outs were near impossible. They required tremendous amounts of work and were extremely expensive.

But, now changing your crawl space to a basement is affordable and can be done in a few weeks time.


Why Convert Your Crawl Space to a Basement?


Aside from the fact that crawl spaces tend to be:


  • Small
  • Musty
  • Moldy
  • Energy Inefficient
  • A virtual magnet for bugs, rodents, snakes and other unwelcome wild life
  • Un-liveable
  • A poor choice for storage (because they get wet so often, valuable things are destroyed by water and mold quite easily)


And, homes with crawl spaces sell for much less (and have much less value) than those with basements.


But, by getting a crawl space conversion to basement, you can rid yourself of these problems and enjoy a new, dry basement.


Your new basement can:


  • Add value to your home
  • Provide a vastly increased amount of dry, safe storage space
  • Give you much more liveable space
  • Be remodeled and converted into several rooms
  • Be transformed into a home gym, man cave, play room, home office, bathroom, kitchen, bar, …the possibilities are endless
  • Plus, it adds a full, new floor to your home, turning the rancher into a two-story and a two-story to three in no time


Changing your crawl space to a basement makes this all possible!


But, isn’t this really expensive?


Actually, conversions are one of the most cost effective home improvement projects.

They cost less, in general, per square foot than adding an addition to your home, remodeling a kitchen, or re-doing your roof.

And, they are excellent investments: It’s not uncommon for a dig out to bring a 125 -150% return on investment!

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