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How Can a Basement Water Management System Help Your Lancaster PA Area Home?

All around the greater Philadelphia region, from Harrisburg, to Philly, to Easton, West Chester and into Lancaster and Lebanon, home owners are facing a big problem:


  • A wet basement that leads to dangerous foundation problems.

 Lancaster PA

As you heard Ken talk about in the video, water problems in your basement not only lead to foundation problem, but in the Lancaster, these water issues can attract dangerous black snakes, rodents, insects and other wild life.


  • A wet, dank, dark area is a haven for these critters. Insect and rodent waste effects the air quality of your home and can make you and your family very sick.
  • Rats, mice and spiders have no place in your home… cracks in your basement or foundation walls allow them to get into your home
  • Black snakes are dangerous and it does not take much for them to find their way from your basement into your main home.


Water Management System

By keeping water out of your basement, you fix a lot of these problems. Without water, mold can’t grow. Without water, foundation cracks are fixed and snakes & rodents have no way to get into the home.


  • You will have both the Inside and Outside of your basement waterproofed. This is important because both sides need to be fixed in order to keep your water problems away
  • In the Lancaster PA area (and all of PA, NJ, and DE), you get a Free Estimate and Lifetime Warranty


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