How to Tape Drywall

Video: How to Tape Drywall to Prepare for Painting, Fix 


Getting ready to paint?

Need to repair a few holes in your walls?

Having a problem with damp spots in your drywall?


Check out this video from HomeAdvisor and Basement Waterproofing Specialists:

Did you know that one of mold’s favorite places to grow is behind drywall?

Inside of your walls can be a breeding ground for dangerous mold growth. Between the walls is an ideal place for dampness and moisture (this is especially true in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement). 

A little moisture and some organic materials (like parts of your drywall, the wooden studs in your walls, etc.) gives mold the perfect living situation. 

Since mold can cause a slew of health issues for you and your family, it’s always a great idea to have mold removed as soon as possible!


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