How to Restore a Deck

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Want to Restore Your Deck? Sanding, Finishing and Staining Explained…


A nice deck can be such a great place to relax and unwind after a hard day. It’s always there for you in the summer, spring, fall and even winter (if you’re brave enough to grill while it’s cold).


But, when the deck starts to go bad, it can look ugly and become unsafe to use. If your deck wasn’t treated when it was built, the wood can warp and weaken. And, the sun and weather take their toll, turning the wood gray and slick.


If this has happened to your deck, don’t worry, there are simple solutions to making it a great sitting area once again.


This quick video from Lowe’s Home Improvement will show you how to restore a deck. It even shows you how to sand, wash and stain your newly restored deck.


Check it out:

  • Do you have a deck or porch that has a cement or concrete base? Is it cracked or showing signs of wear and tear?


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