How to Protect Plants During Winter

Video: A Quick and Easy Guide for How to Protect Your Garden and Your Plants During the Winter


With the arrival of the freezing temperatures (and of course, the seemingly never ending rain storms) in PA, NJ, and Delaware, you might be afraid that your plants won’t survive the winter. 

But, there are ways to protect your garden and your plants through even the coldest of Philly winters…

All it takes is a little preparation. 

That’s why we’re happy to present you with this video from LOWE’S Home Improvement and Basement Waterproofing Specialists

Check it out: How to Protect Plants During Winter

Protect Your Basement This Winter, Too

If you plan on storing some of your prize plants in your cellar, or you just want a warm, livable basement all through the winter, please make sure that all holes, cracks, and air leaks in your basement are taken care of. 

If your basement is freezing during the winter months, or it constantly feels damp, we can help you:


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