How to Prepare Your Home for Weather Emergencies

Video: How to Prepare Your House for Storms and Weather Emergencies


Every year in the NJ, PA and DE area, storms rock home owners. Sometimes it’s a snow storm that comes out of nowhere and dumps a few feet of snow on your roof. Other times we get hit with the Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

This fall is no different, with a devastating hurricane rocking the east coast.

This video from the Red Cross and Sikhana gives you some tremendous tips on how to prepare your home to handle weather emergencies, and keep your family safe.


One of the most dangerous outcomes of the storms that hit our area is basement flooding. It can destroy your foundation, cause hazardous mold growth, ruin your furniture and appliances, and cause a huge electrocution hazard.


Once water gets into your foundation or basement walls, it can quickly pile up, causing an unhealthy situation for your home and your family:

We can help your basement never flood. And, if in the case of extreme weather, it does get wet, we can dry it, Fast.

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