How to Fix Cracks In Your Home’s Foundation

Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation Can Lead to Big Problems: Here’s How to Fix Them


Recently we did a waterproofing and foundation repair in Lancaster PA. The fix was fairly straightforward, we used a our Steel Plate Technology to:

1. Stop the wall from separating further

2. Hold the wall in place so that further cracking would not develop.


The problem was that the home owner had tried other methods with other contractors, and it made the problems worse. The root
of the problem was never addressed and the cracks were filled with simple epoxy, doing nothing to truly fix them.

We helped save the wall because we got rid of the cause (water inside the walls coming in from the outside of the home) and then stopping the crack from widening and spreading.

We can help save your home’s foundation. Please give us a call at 800-700-9171 for a Free Estimate.

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