How to Fix a Brick Foundation 2

Having Problems with Your Home’s Brick Foundation?

Noticing cracks, holes, or leaking?


Brick foundations are tricky… They are prized for their durability. They’re fire resistant. But, when they start to go bad, the situation can spiral out of control quickly.

Once cracks start to take root in your brick foundation walls, they can spread fast.

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How Do You Fix Brick Foundation Problems?

Please know that this is not a Do-It-Yourself job. Your foundation literally supports the weight of your home. You need a professional who specializes in brick style foundations to fix the problems.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “DIY” sites that lead you to believe that fixing the problem is as simple as scraping away some mortar and resetting the bricks.

This can destroy your home…not only does it not work, but it will do absolutely nothing to fix the cause of the problem. And, it will make the situation worse.

First, you will need to identify the type of cracks that you have before any type of repair can be attempted.

Each type of crack will have a different remedy. And, each type will have different causes. The ability to properly diagnose both are key to fixing the foundation.

Also, brick is more dependent on the ground under the home than any other type of foundation. This is another reason why fixing any cracks is not a DIY job. The solution may involve digging under the home, which is dangerous.

How We Can Help You

Don’t trust your home’s most important part to a company that doesn’t specialize in brick repair.

We can fix any cracks, settling, bulging bricks, and any other problem that your foundation is having.

  • We Will Find Out the Cause of the Problem and Fix It (from crack repair to resettling the soil around and under your home)
  • We Can Use Our Patented Steel Plate Technology to Stop the Spread of Cracks (stopping the spread can literally save your foundation and home)
  • No Matter the Type of Cracking Your Foundation Has, We Can Fix It (the right fix for the problem can keep your foundation from collapsing)
  • You Will Always Get a Free Estimate and 0% Financing






We provide foundation repair in the entire Philadelphia area, including New Jersey, Delaware, Harrisburg, York, Quakertow, Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Click Here for a full list of service areas.

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