How to De-Flood Your Soggy, Wet Yard

Does Your Yard Flood When It Rains?

Fix the Problem Before it Ruins Your Yard, Your Basement, and Your Home’s Foundation


If you’ve lived in the NJ, DE, or PA areas for even short time, you know that it is the capital of weather extremes.

Blazing, humid summer days…

Freezing cold winter nights…

Unpredictable, stormy autumns and springs…

If your yard is not draining properly after rain or snow storms, it’s a warning sign of much bigger problems.

If your yard is flooding, you can bet you either have, or about to have:



Just a little bit of extra water in the soil around your home puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your foundation and basement walls & floor. 

From there, water easily pushes its way inside of your basement walls… check out this home from Oaks PA:


Good News, We Can Help You! Don’t let your yard flood ever again.

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