How to Build a Retaining Wall

VIDEO: Learn How to Easily Build a Retaining Wall for Your Garden


Does your yard have poor soil? Too much clay? Gravel or sandy?

This can make it difficult to grow a garden because plants and flowers need nutrient rich soil with good drainage.

Making raised garden beds will allow you to have a beautiful garden and give your plants, flowers, shrubs and trees a nutrient dense place to grow.

This video from Lowe’s shows you how to build a retaining wall with bricks, stones or rocks. If you have a good blueprint, making retaining walls is pretty easy. Check it out below:

If your yard does have bad soil and poor drainage it can cause problems with your home’s foundation and cause your basement to flood. We can help you.

To learn more about how a water management system can help your yard, your basement and keep your foundation strong, click here or call us at 800-700-9171 for a Free Estimate.

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