How to Add a Basement to Your Home

Sick of Living With a Crawl Space That Gives You Zero Storage or Living Area?

We can help you add a full sized basement to your home in the NJ, PA and DE areas. Here’s how…


Putting in a New Basement

If your home is sitting on a crawl space, we can convert it into a full basement. Not long ago, this was almost impossible because it was simply not cost effective. In fact, it was extremely expensive and labor intensive.

However, with our improved technologies and systems, we can put a basement on your home (either by converting your crawl space or by going under your home’s slab) in much less time and in a very cost effective way.

Actually, because of the dramatic increase in home value, adding a basement is one of the best investments you can make in your home.


Converting from a Crawl Space to a Basement

The process of changing your crawl space into a basement is often called a “dig out.” This is a very accurate description of what is done because the area where your crawl space is actually gets dug to the depth and width of a full basement (or as big as you choose).

From there, a new floor is poured, with built in drainage and waterproofing so that your new basement will not have cracks, mold or leaks in the future. This is very important if you want to use the area as a living or storage area.


  • Then walls are added. They can be cinderblock, poured concrete, stone, brick, terra cotta, etc. These are also made to be resistant to water problems.


You can have your new basement finished at this point, if you want a fully finished, home-like feel. This is optional, but, it does make the are feel like part of the home and makes turning it into a living area very easy.


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