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Adding a New Basement vs. Putting an Addition Onto Your Home


No matter how big or small your home is, chances are, you want more space.

If your home has a crawl space, you know that it gives almost zero storage space, gets flooded and moldy quite often, and is worthless for living space.


You are left with two options:


  • Adding an Addition Onto Your Home (Usually a room or two added to the main house)
  • Adding a Basement (By digging out your crawl space or under the slab your home is built on)


Why dig out a full basement when you can just put additional rooms on your home?


Unfortunately, many home owners think that the only way to expand the living space of their home is to put on an addition.


But, there are some problems with this.


  • Your city or township can often put you through the ringer with permits.


And, your property taxes will skyrocket.


  • Additions are one of the most expensive home improvements, per square foot
  • If the housing market is down,it can be difficult to get your investment for the cost of a room addition back out of the house when selling.


Is it even possible to add a basement to your home?


The good news is that it’s possible to make your home a lot bigger while avoiding the never-ending permits, high costs, and while getting a slam dunk return on investment.


add-basement-to-houseSadly, many homeowners are scared away from adding a new basement because of the labor involved and the amount of skill needed.


Do-it-yourself sites try to steer you away from hiring a professional but the truth is that when you hire a pro, the job can be done fairly quickly.

And, it’s done by an expert so that your new basement is fully waterproofed with a bullet-proof-strong foundation.


  • We do the digging, get any permits (if needed, adding a basement usually falls under a different category than “new construction” so much of the red tape is eliminated)
  • Adding a basement is much cheaper (usually a fraction of the cost, per square foot, versus a home addition)
  • Guaranteed Re-sale Value (homes with basements sell for more, even in bad economies)
  • Great Return on Investment (again, adding a basement will boost home value, regardless of the economy so you’ll actually make money from the new basement)
  • Money in Your Pocket? (many home owners rent their new basement and can get up to 70% of the mortgage cost per month!)

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