How Much Does a Foundation Repair Cost? 1

Is Fixing Your Foundation Expensive?

This is one of the most common questions we get from customers just like you.

It’s a complicated question to answer, however. There are many factors that go into the cost of fixing a foundation. For example:

  • How extensive is the damage?
  • Have you tried to repair the damage before?
  • Are there cracks?
  • Bowed walls?
  • Leaks and/or flooding?
  • Cracks in the floors or the walls?


The short answer is that if you catch the problem early, the fix is fairly cheap.

If the home has fallen into disrepair, it will cost more.


What Factors Into the Cost?


Again, this comes back to how extensive the damage to your types-foundation-repairfoundation is.

A few small cracks can be fixed by using our patented steel plate technology and by fixing the source of the cracks.

Bowed walls may require piers and jacks to be put in to support your home.


Leaking and flooding resulting from cracks in the walls, will again, require a different type of fix.


Will It Cost a Lot to Repair My Foundation?


Studies have shown that home owners across the U.S., have paid over a huge range of prices. You’ll need to get a free, in person estimate to get the right price for you.

Remember, if your home’s foundation fails (after the walls bow, they collapse), then your home will be condemned. and you’ll lose it.


  • Repairing your foundation is an investment, not a cost.
  • It will raise your home’s value (without repairs, it will be virtually un-sellable)
  • Repairing is not an option. It will get worse and your home will be at risk of collapsing
  • The earlier you get the repairs done, the better your return on investment will be (lower job cost, higher re-sale value)

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