How Mold Destroys Your Home’s Air Quality

Is Your Basement Infested with Dangerous Black Mold?


Is Your Family Suffering from Allergies All Year Long? It Could Be Mold

Mold is secretly responsible for many of the allergy-like symptoms that people in the greater Philadelphia area have to deal with, all year long. Pollen usually gets the blame, but, that doesn’t explain why you and your family are dealing with the same allergies in the fall and winter when pollen is long gone.

Is There Mold In Your House?

Mold usually strikes in two main areas: your attic and your basement.

Both are dangerous because the air in your house circulates through these two areas. What happens is that mold finds places where air, moisture and humidity or dampness exists.

This makes attics and basements the perfect spot for growth.
It then multiplies and spreads by giving off tiny, microscopic spores. These spores get into your air and land on all the surfaces in your home.

Your family breathes them in and they start to cause health problems ranging from cold or flu like symptoms to crippling migraine headaches and serious sinus infections.

The longer the problem lasts, the longer your family breathes in mold spores …and, the more serious the heath threat becomes.


Mold Remediation in the Philadelphia Area

We can help you get mold out of your attic or basement by:


  • Destroying the spores that are in your home’s airthis is key! If the spores remain, they will simply land after the job is done and start to make new colonies
  • Finding the source the moisture in your basement and stopping it – with no food, mold can’t grow


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