How Do I Repair a Crack in My Foundation?

Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation Are Dangerous


If there is one home improvement/repair that should not be attempted alone, it’s fixing cracks or holes in your home’s foundation. This is not, as many would have you believe, a Do-It-Yourself job.

First, know that yes, those foundation cracks are a serious problem!


Why Cracks in Your Foundation Put Your Home at Risk

If your home has a cinder block based foundation, cracks can spread like wild fire.


Bowing foudnation wall repair

This is an extreme example, but even small cracks or holes in your basement or crawl space walls allow heated or air conditioned air to escape your home, costing you much more on your energy bills.

Repairing them improperly will lead to massive headaches, enormous repair bills, and a home that could be in danger of being condemned. Many home owners in the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Delaware,  and New Jersey areas have been burned by ridiculous DIY advice from DIY Websites.


Most will tell you to simply slap on an epoxy, which is like putting a band-aid on a chainsaw wound. This solves the problem…until the next time it:


  • Rains
  • Gets cold
  • Gets hot
  • Gets humid
  • Snows


Whether home has a cinder block foundation or a poured concrete basement or foundation wall, when cracks appear, you need to have a professional help.

…a qualified professional…


What kind of solutions are available when it cracks or has structural damage?
Most companies will try the standard (and ineffective) epoxy filling (kind of like Elmers Glue for your walls)


  • Other times, they’ll glue an expensive carbon fiber strip into the cracks/holes.

The other problem is that sometime you don’t see the crack until it’s been growing (on the outside of the basement walls and in the footer) and finally becomes big enough that it pushed through to the inner wall.


How We Fix Your Foundation in the Philadelphia, NJ, and DE Areas:

In fact, our process is so strong that we guarantee the work for the lifetime of the structure.


  • First, we epoxy the crack. But, we don’t stop there.
  • We also apply a stainless steel plate that has a 90,000lb of strength.
  • The plate is anchored with 6″ concrete bolts (for extra strength).

  • This prevents the foundation from separating (when the weather changes) and keeps the crack from growing.
  • The plate is typically applied on the outside side of the wall, but can also be applied inside if a part of your home (like a garage, patio, deck) blocks us from getting to the problem area on the outside.


This is exactly how we fix the basements and foundations of our own family members, so we believe 100% in the effectiveness of using the steel plate.


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Even if the crack is small, we can help you fix it before it gets bigger…and becomes more expensive to fix.

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