How Basement Waterproofing Specialists Can Help You

Interview by 422 Business Advisor Reveals How Our Inspectors Can Help  Fix Your Basement, Crawl Space, or Foudnation Water Problems


Addam and Mark, two of our inspectors sat down with 422 Business Advisor magazine and discussed how we help your home get rid of mold, water problems, flooding, and foundation issues. The following is a transcript of the interview. To see the video, please click here.


422 Business Advisor hosted by Bill Haley: How Basement Waterproofing Specialists Can Help You
Patti Seigel, Advertising Manager: Hi everybody, we are here today with the Water Basement Waterproofing Specialists and my guests are Addam Kuzman and Mark Pallante. Welcome guys. How are you?


Patti: Very nice, very, very nice.

Addam: We always like to, like Mark was saying, we make it comfortable experience. We know home renovations, home repairs can be hectic at times, so we would like to keep everybody calm and reach out and put everybody at ease. Like Mark said, from the first contact with our company to the completion, you know, everybody, just, you know, they have smile on their face throughout the whole process.

Patti: It is nice. I think it is very important to keep that because when people need renovation it is always about “oh my Gosh.” So, keeping them comfortable is really important. So, your company is based and headquartered in Collegeville PA, correct?

Mark: That is absolutely correct.

Patti: And you serve entire region?

Mark: Yes

Patti: Great. I know that office staff works big farm house. Tell us little about how the atmosphere is?

Addam: It is a family business, you know, like we said and when you are coming in the office you don’t feel you are coming in the work. It is old form house, you know, there is desks and there is chairs, it’s an office but you feel you are coming home. There is no anxiety coming to work, everybody is everybody’s friend, everybody is happy, and everybody chit chats, one big family living in a house and everybody is happy so.

Patti: It is great, yeah. So, many waterproofing companies do only interior remediation, is that correct? I know you are specialized in both interior and exterior waterproofing management systems, including foundation and structural repairs. Can you tell us a little about your exterior remediation, what that involves?

Basement Waterproofing Specialists reviewsMark: That is right Patti. A lot of companies that the customers may entertain may not be directly listen to what your problem is and they always may try to ma be push you to a certain direction that may be not the right direction. So, when we come out we do listen to our customers. And you may have an exterior drainage issue in your backyard or front yard or whichever which may be a pond or moving water and we have many different exterior drainage waterproofing methods that we could do to help protect that owner’s home.

Patti: Okay, good. What about interior, what type of interior problems you usually come up against?

Addam: Yes, there is wide array of potential problems within a home, you know. Many different types of foundations each one has their own, you know, problem areas, so we come out to do the inspection; we want to make sure we are not giving you cookie-cutter design. Like you can imagine, some of the companies only are offering one solution that may not work for everybody. So internally, you know, you may have a problem with water, potential structural problems within the foundation, mold, a lot of different things that you may run into. And without a trained company like ourselves you may miss out in one of them, you may correct one but not another, the problem may not be completely remediated. So, to do a full home inspection is very-very important, both interior and exterior to come up with the absolute best resolution for the customer.

Patti: Right, right. Now, does new construction have these problems? Like say we have a great big storm and there is a lot of water in the basement. You run up against new constructions or is that more older homes?

Mark: I am glad you brought that up Patti because new construction basically they work by marginal codes and a lot of what we see, what we come across in the field is blat ripped style piping that they put in there and it is marginal. A lot of times it is not pitched. And we do meet with customers who have just recently purchased their homes and the systems from the builders are not adequate to handle today’s storms. And a lot of times we do have to rip those systems out and implement new draining system.

Addam: We have been at homes as new as few months old, may be with a builder that is no longer in the business and the customers left with the problems them self and the builder is not there to help out or Mold Removal by Basement Waterproofing Specialistsremediate. I think the oldest home I have been in personally is like built back in 1734. I mean there is a huge range, you know, we probably see homes in the ages of 30 to 60 years is probably the average but nobody is away from of potentially having problems you know.

Patti: So, I guess you are coming to the busiest time for Basement Waterproofing Specialists. What are the times for that, is that April? April through…

Mark: April showers are bringing May flowers. We all ready to jump in, phone calls come in and our customers have wet basements and flooded issues. We have plenty of manpower on standby and we can send our inspectors right out for free consultation and we are ready to go for the season.

Patti: Tell me about, I know you guys go for mold inspection, tell us a little bit about the mold and muldew.

Addam: When it comes to the mold in the home many different varieties, many different potentials… Just treating mold as its own entity doesn’t necessarily mean the problem is eliminated. So, you have to look at where the sources are coming from. And if you don’t remove the source of the mold you not going to have full true remediation. Both Mark and myself are trained licensed mold inspectors and a lot of the other companies out there, they don’t have the certification, so there again the treating not the entire cause or the issue at hand. So, you need to look at as an entirety and come up with the plan that individually suits the customer.

Patti: Right, right. So, what would you say could be your biggest difference between Basement Waterproofing Specialists in the competition.

Mark: That is an excellent point. I would say the biggest difference between our company is that all of our inspectors come from construction. So, they are educated in what they are looking at. They have a very strong construction background and then therefore they have an ability to be a good consultant to our customers and lead you to the right resolution to for your work problem.

Patti: Great. Is there an education, do you guys go through training? Say you get a guy from the street who is really strong on construction and he join your company. What you have to go through?

Mark: He has to go through us (laughter). Yes, we have a very strict education process. And what he would do he, what we call, will be running with other inspectors, and you know you spend a lot of time seeing exactly the way, the protocol, the way Basement Waterproofing Specialist does it. We have very strict guidelines that you must adhere to in order to be one of our inspectors.

Addam: As well as we always have continual education courses put on by our owner Ken Klinger and we meet as a company and continue to grow as a company, new products potentially, or new ways of doing service, you know, all come together so that as a company we are always on the same page, you know.

Patti: Right, right, very good. I know you were at the recent NRIBI home show at Ponsdale and I understand Basement Waterproofing Specialists  is the only waterproofing company that is invited in that show, is that right?

Mark: That is absolutely correct. Given our reputation in the community and in the industry we were the only invited Waterproofing contractors there. And we do the majority of our business comes from home shows, if you ever seen at the home show our displays take nine hours to set up. And we pour over blood and sweating there, and we are really proud ourselves on that. And we even have a little Missy Molly Mold Spore to scare children and everybody is laughing. But having a wet basement and mold structures, there is nothing to laugh about that.

Patti: You are absolutely right. So, let’s wrap this up. You guys not only do this area, you go out as far as couple of states and you can conquer any type of mold remediation, water services.

Addam: Absolutely. We cover all New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania as well. And, you know, we have wide a way of services that we provide. So, you know, what we always tell our customers is give us a call and we will be more than happy to direct you, come out and do free inspection and offer our professional opinion as to you know, problems you know you have and may be some underline ones that may be you may not know of them, maybe problematic down the road.

Patti: Okay, excellent. What, how can our viewers learn more about you? Can you give us your phone number and website?

Mark: Absolutely. Call us at 800-700-9171, and you can talk to any of our friendly staff and set up a free consultation.

Addam: You can also reach us at

Patti: And hopefully we will not have much rain this year but if we do and you have problems, Basement Waterproofing Specialists is your call.


Mark: We Treat You Like Family.

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