How Bad Backfilling Can Flood Your Basement

Has Your Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware Home’s Basement Started to Flood, Leak, or Grow Mold?


The way your basement and foudnation was back-filled when your hoe was built can have a lot to do with these problems.

How Improper Backfilling Can Flood Your Basement or Crawl Space

When your home was built, an enormous hole was dug to build your basement, crawl space, or foundation. As your basement came together, block by block, the builder left a trench around the outside so their crew could work. Then, once your foundation was set, your home builder started to put dirt back in that trench around your foundation.

The problem is that the vast majority of the time, this dirt is simply dumped into the trench without being tamped (packed) down. Even if the contractor tamped the top few feet, that leaves several feet below the surface with loose dirt. Loose dirt allows air pockets to form, and as the ground settles, more pockets for that allow air, and more importantly, water, to get inside.

Now when it rains these pockets fill with water.


Combined with gravel or clay soil (most commonly used in back fill and around homes) that have poor drainage, the area around your foundation will turn into a wet, sloppy mess during rain or snow storms. Even too much irrigation (from over-watering your garden, flower beds, or lawn) can cause a back-up.

Water cant filter down, or gets trapped in these air pockets, and causes the soil to expand. Expansion puts pressure on the outside walls of your basement or foundation, causing cracks to from. Once the cracks start, water can get inside of the walls, and eventually inside of your basement or crawl space.

How can you fix bad backfilling?

Check out the video below. Our inspector shows you how we were able to properly backfill a home in Delaware after installing an exterior drainage system and waterproofing the interior and exterior basement walls:


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