What to Do When Your Home Loses Power

The last two years have shown home owners in the greater Philadelphia area that the power can  go out in an instant…and stay out for weeks.

Hurricane Sandy left some, especially along the Jersey shore without power for several weeks.

As we just say in Chicago, the storms of the fall, winter and summer can knock out the electric and cause massive damage.


There are some preventative measures you can take so that when the power does go out, you and your home are ready:

  • Buy a generator (do that now before the storms hit because they sell out fast and you’ll be without electric and a back up)


This is  key. An unopened freezer will keep food for about 20-hours. But, if the storm is bad enough, you can be without electric for much longer.

Generators can also be used to power heaters and air conditioners, water pumps, and lights. All of which are essential.


  • Stock up on essentials (Candles, canned food, water jugs, towels, flash lights, batteries, extension cords for your generator)



This can save you tens of thousands of dollars. It’s the old “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”…

By sealing up your basement before storms hit, you can know that your home’s structure is safe, you won’t have flooding, and if needed, you can seek shelter in the basement safely. For help and more info on waterproofing, click here.

Having a sump pump and back up pump that doesn’t run on electric is a good idea just in case something goes wrong.


Check out this video from Amy Matthews of Home Advisor. She


We are Home Advisor Screened and Approved.

covers even more tips for what to do when the electric goes out.


Remember, we are a Home Advisor certified contractor. We can help you get your home ready for the winter storms, keeping your basement dry and your home safe.


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