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Don’t Let That Small Crack Become the One That Breaks Your Home’s Back…


Is your Wilmington or Newark Delaware home experiencing cracks in the foundation?

Maybe you see some water leaking through the wall… You may have attributed this to simple “home settling,” but it’s usually indicative of a bigger problem with your house.

Foundation problems are becoming very common in the Newark and Wilmington, Delaware areas. The changing weather in the are is contributing to the issue. We are experiencing abnormally warm and humid conditions followed immediately by freezing temperatures. Mix that with some rain and snow, and you have the perfect storm for foundation problems.

When the weather changes, the ground around your home expands and contracts. This leads to pressure on your basement, crawl space, or foundation walls.


A Broken Drain in Newark

We were recently called in to help fix the foundations of two homes in the area. The first had a broken drain. It became blocked when it rained and snowed, the water would overwhelm the ground around the house.

All of that water caused a ton of pressure on the house’s foundation. The home owner was at a loss and very concerned that his foundation was going to buckle.


  • We were able to fix the drain so that water couldn’t pool anymore, relieving the pressure on the walls.


Then, we repaired the cracks using our special steel plate technology. The problem was fixed and no more cracking has happened since.


Water Walls in Wilmington

The other home had a classic water issue in the basement. The home’s gutter’s were dumping rain water right around the foundation, causing pressure build up.


Plus, the home had small cracks when the owner bought it, but they were never properly fixed.

She had a company “fix” the problem with a simple epoxy, but, the cracks grew quickly and were starting to become a major issue.


  • We were able to fix the cracks with a combination of pins, better drainage, and steel plates.


  • We also fixed the source of the problems by extending the downspouts and re-doing the soil round the home so that no air or water pockets could form.


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