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Why Does Your Crawl Space Smell So Bad?

Crawl Space Waterproofing Can Help Your NJ, DE, or PA Home

One of the most common complaints we get from home owners in the Philadelphia region is that their crawl spaces stink. Usually, they complain of a moldy, musty type odor coming from under the home.

The smell can affect them when they have to go into the crawl space…and, it can also cause a problem in the home as the smell gets into the heating and air conditioning vents, causing the whole house to take on that musty smell.

Annoying and Unhealthy


Crawl space waterproofing before picture

Before Crawl Space Waterproofing – Dirty, Wet, Damp and Full of Mold

This odor is bothersome and can make your home unpleasant. But, more importantly, it is unhealthy.

What you are smelling is mold and mildew. The spores that they produce in order to reproduce pollute the air in the crawl space. This air gets into your home and into your lungs.


  • You might first notice it as a smell. But, by the time you actually smell it, the problem has gotten bad.
  • The problem is that your crawl space is taking on water (when it rains, snows, or run off from your sprinklers). The water gets into the crawl space and allows mold to grow.


What to Do When Your Crawl Space is Wet, Dank, and Smells Bad

This is where the majority of home owners make an enormous mistake.


They smell the must, see the mold and then…find unqualified, non-professional answers on DIY sites.

We’ve seen answers ranging from get a sump pump to “wipe up the mold with a towel, that’ll fix it!” on these sites.

They steer you wrong and would have you believe that fixing a very complex problem is a simple as “wiping up mold.”

This is asking for trouble.

  • We encapsulate your crawl space, making it dry and keeping water out of it. We kill the mold, make sure it’s spores are killed and then seal off the area so it stays water and moisture free.


Our Basement Expert, Ken, explains:

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