Harrisburg Basement Drainage and Sump Pump

Before and After Pictures of Basement Drainage and a Sump Pump in Harrisburg PA

Putting better drainage and a sump pump in your basement can save your house from expensive foundation and basement damages. The majority of foundation cracks, flooding, mold infestation, and dampness are caused by a lack of drainage in and around your basement.

In the Harrisburg area, this is an all-too-common problem.

And, what’s. worse is that many waterproofing companies do not address the root of the problem…drainage and water management. Instead, they simply throw some waterproofing paint on the walls and leave your basement open to huge damages a few months down the road.


We recently worked on a beautiful home in Harrisburg. Unfortunately, these home owners were dealing with leakage, flooding, cracks in the walls and some mold growth. We were able to help them by anchoring the walls with our special steel plate foundation repair and by installing excellent drainage and a sump pump.

Harrisburg Basement Drainage and Sump Pump Before and After Pictures

Harrisburg basement drainage

Before: Severe cracks on the walls of the basement caused by poor drainage and excess water.

Basement drainage after picture

After: Drainage trench to help carry excess water out of your basement so that the foundation stays strong and safe.


Sump pump installed Harrisburg PA

Sump Pump and Drainage Installed to keep the basement clean and the foundation strong.

Harriburg basement waterproofing and drainage

Basement wall repaired with steel plates and basement waterproofing.

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