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Is the Basement of Your Lancaster Area Home Flooding When It Rains or Snows?


A french drain system may help you…

What is a French Drain

Why do I need a French Drain? To Keep your yard from flooding.A french drain is a trench that is filled with gravel or rock that surrounds a perforated pipe. This pipe pulls in excess water and diverts it from your home and basement. This is a great way to keep water out of your basement.

This type of drain will be installed near your basement or foundation walls as a last line of defense from harmful water.

When the amount of rain overwhelms the ground around your home and it can not drain properly, the rain water can force its way into your basement walls, causing damages like cracks, weakened walls and bowing foundation walls.

Can it help your home?

Because of the creeks in the Lancaster area, and it’s high water table, homes in the area have a tendency to flood and have extensive basement and foundation water problems.

A french drain can help…


  • However, it is much more effective when part of an exterior water management system
  • This can include basement or foundation waterproofing, yard and/or basement drains, and other methods of controlling the water in your yard


When it comes to dealing with water issues, it is best to put up a solid defense on as many fronts as possible. After all, that seemingly harmless rain water can produce tens of thousands of dollars in damages to your home’s foundation.


French Drain Installation Lancaster PA

  • We can install your french drains so that water is kept away from your foundation
  • We can also help your home by putting in better drainage systems
  • If necessary, we can also waterproof your basement so that water is kept out of your home and your foundation stays damage-free


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