French Drain Installation King of Prussia PA

Does Rain and Snow Flood Your Yard and Basement in King of Prussia?

A French Drain can help keep your yard from flooding, and your basement dry.


What is a French Drain?

It is a type of drain that helps keep water away from your home’s foundation, basement, or crawl space. It also helps drain excess water caused by rain, snow, or irrigation from your yard.

It is a trench that is made to slope downhill, pulling water down and away from your home. The drain is filled with gravel and pipe. Rock can sometimes be used to help with the drainage.


Benefits of Using a French Drain on Your King of Prussia Home

Exterior Drainage fully installed.

Exterior drainage pipe covered with stone, fully installed.

Water can quickly, and easily, destroy your yard, driveway, basement, foundation, and/or crawl space. Too much water in the ground around your home causes an expansion of the soil.

This is why chronically wet yards tend to push driveways upward, break sidewalks, and cause cracks in your home’s foundation.

That pressure is strong enough to actually break down your foundation or basement walls.

It causes small cracks, which allow water to get inside of the walls, weakening them, and leading to basement or crawl space flooding, mold growth, and extensive foundation damages.

When you put a French Drain in your yard, you are forcing that water away from your home, and taking the pressure of the ground around your home.


French Drain Installation King of Prussia PA

We can help save your yard, foundation, and basement.


  • We use only the highest quality pipe and stone for your drains. This means that your basement will stop flooding, the cracks in your foundation stop spreading, and you keep your home safe from mold and foundation damage
  • Our basement waterproofing and drainage systems work together to keep water away from your home. Your basement will not leak, flood, or have mold because it is kept dry, and the cracks fixed.
  • Your crawl space will get the same benefit. Instead of losing that area to chronic flooding, rodent and insect infestation, and mold. Reclaim that storage space by keeping the area dry
  • You get a Free Inspection and Financing is Available

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